Welcome to JC Economics Education Centre, your gateway to excellence in economics education. Nestled in the heart of Singapore, our tuition centre boasts three convenient locations in Bukit Timah, Tampines, and Bishan, ensuring accessibility and ease for students across the island. Led by the renowned Dr. Anthony Fok, our team is committed to providing unparalleled Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level Economics tuition that equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their examinations. With a focus on comprehensive understanding and practical application, Dr. Fok brings to the classroom not only his academic expertise but also his years of experience as a sought-after economics tutor. As highlighted by the Straits Times, Dr. Fok is recognized as one of the most accomplished and highly sought-after educators in the field of economics tuition in Singapore. Join us at JC Economics Education Centre and embark on a journey towards academic success and a deeper understanding of economics.

Are you seeking the expertise of a distinguished JC Economics tutor in Singapore? Look no further than JC Economics Education Centre, where excellence meets innovation in economics education. As a subject often encountered for the first time at the A level stage, starting early is paramount, and our team is here to guide you through every step of your journey to mastery.

1. Excellent Track Record: At the helm of our tuition centre is Principal Economics Tutor, Dr. Anthony Fok, whose exemplary track record spans over 15 years of teaching experience in both public and private institutions. With a commitment to academic excellence and a proven ability to help students achieve distinctions in economics, Dr. Fok’s expertise is unparalleled in the field. Under his guidance, students not only grasp complex economic theories but also develop the analytical skills necessary to excel in examinations.

2. Exclusive and Comprehensive Notes: Central to our approach is the provision of exclusive and comprehensive study materials, meticulously crafted to cover the entire A level economics syllabus. These notes are designed to offer more than mere content coverage; they incorporate exam-smart techniques and strategic insights to empower students to tackle even the most challenging questions with confidence. Our students benefit from a wealth of resources that facilitate a deeper understanding of key concepts and foster academic success.

3. Application of Economics to the Real World: In today’s dynamic global landscape, understanding the real-world implications of economic principles is essential. Through our tailored curriculum, students explore a diverse range of economic scenarios, from the impact of global economic crises to the dynamics of local economies. Dr. Fok leverages his extensive experience to contextualize economic theories within the framework of real-world examples, providing students with invaluable insights into the practical applications of economics.

4. Essay Writing and Case Study Skills: Achieving excellence in economics goes beyond theoretical knowledge; it requires proficiency in essay writing and case study analysis. Our tuition centre places a strong emphasis on honing these essential skills, equipping students with the tools and techniques needed to excel in examinations. From mastering the art of crafting concise and evaluative essays to dissecting complex case studies, our students learn to approach every question with clarity and precision, ensuring they meet the rigorous standards set by Cambridge examiners.

Join us at JC Economics Education Centre and embark on a transformative journey towards academic success. With Dr. Anthony Fok leading the way, you’ll not only excel in economics but also develop the critical thinking skills and analytical prowess needed to thrive in an increasingly complex world.



Dear Parents,

Welcome to JC Economics Education Centre, where academic excellence meets personalized guidance. Since our establishment in 2012, it has been my utmost privilege to witness countless students achieve remarkable success in their A-Level Economics examinations, paving the way for their future endeavors at esteemed universities both locally and abroad.

At JC Economics, I am deeply committed to upholding the highest standards of quality education. That’s why all JC Economics tuition classes are personally conducted by me, ensuring that each student receives the undivided attention and expert guidance they deserve. Every lesson is meticulously crafted to achieve specific learning outcomes, drawing upon years of experience and a thorough understanding of the Cambridge examination syllabus.

Drawing insights from past examiner’s reports and my own extensive teaching experience, I have developed a rigorous teaching methodology designed to empower students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their examinations. But education is more than just rote memorization—it’s about fostering a deep understanding of concepts and their real-world applications. That’s why I incorporate personal anecdotes and real-life examples into my lessons, bridging the gap between theory and practice to enhance students’ comprehension and retention.

In addition to comprehensive instruction, in-class practices play a pivotal role in reinforcing learning and enabling students to apply newly acquired skills with confidence. Under my constant guidance, students are not just taught—they are empowered to master the intricacies of A-Level Economics, equipping them for success both in their examinations and beyond.

I invite you to join us at JC Economics Education Centre and embark on a transformative educational journey. Together, let’s empower your child to unlock their full potential and achieve academic excellence in A-Level Economics.

Yours faithfully,

Dr. Anthony Fok



He holds bachelor’s degrees in economics and accountancy, a master’s in education and a doctorate degree. His doctoral thesis was on use of mobile applications in the teaching and learning of economics in business schools. A former MOE school teacher, Dr Anthony Fok believes that teaching tuition will not only instil in students a thirst for learning today, but also help to groom them to be the leaders of tomorrow. This begins with excelling in Economics as an academic subject. His materials are meticulously prepared for his students, meant to be incisive and succinct in illustrating seemingly complex economics concepts. Many students have enjoyed his economics lectures and put his notes to good use. Dr Anthony Fok features prominently on mainstream media, such as being on MediaCorp TV’s ‘The 5 Show’ and international news outlets such as CNBC news and BBC news. He is also the author of a slew of Economics guidebooks, helping students of all learning styles.

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  • Bachelor of Accountancy (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Economics Masters of Education
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
  • Former Ministry of Education (MOE) school teacher.
Awards and Accolades
  • Featured on ‘The Sunday Times’ newspapers as one of the five “most sought- after super tutors” in Singapore.
  • Featured on ‘zbCOMMA’ Chinese language newspapers as an inspirational and dedicated teacher.
  • Featured on ‘The Sunday Times’ newspapers as an “Economics tutor who puts theory into practice”.
  • Featured on ‘TODAY’ newspapers for views on “staying ahead of the academic race”.
  • Featured on ‘Singapore Business Review’ magazine as a “top tutor who brings economics theories to life”.
  • Featured on ‘Today’s Parents’ magazine for “educating the new generation using unique teaching methodology”.
  • Featured on ‘Domain of Experts’ premier tuition platform which names seasoned tutors hailing from prestigious top schools.
  • Featured on ‘Channelnewsasia’ article on “bridging the gap between school and tuition”.
  • Featured on ‘MediaCorp Channel 5’ TV programme as “an educator with extraordinary qualities”.
  • Featured on ‘Popular Club Magazine’ on “How to Master GCE ‘A’ Level Economics”.
  • Featured on ‘The New Paper’ newspapers as a “tutor with a passion for Economics”.
  • Featured on ‘The Straits Times’ and ‘MyPaper’ newspapers on his views about the usefulness of GCE ‘A’ level Economics ten-year-series.
  • Featured on ‘The Straits Times’ newspapers on his views about using cheat sheets as an examination revision tool.
  • Featured on ‘Lianhe Wanbao‘ newspapers as a ‘one-man show’ Economics tutor who “wins students by word-of-mouth recommendation”.
  • Featured on ‘Shin Min Daily News’ newspapers on his views about the tutoring industry.
  • Featured on Singaporean digital news agency ‘mothership.sg’ as the “most amazeballs tuition teacher in Singapore”.
  • Featured on ‘The New Paper’ newspapers as a “super tutor with a long waiting list of students”.
  • Featured on ‘Singapore’s Child’ Magazine on his views about the “hype and trend of starting young in tuition today”.
  • Featured on ‘U-Weekly Magazine’ on his views about the tuition industry in Singapore.
  • Featured on ‘8-Days’ and ‘I-Weekly Magazine’ as a tutor who “motivates students to become investors and thinkers”.
  • Featured on ‘Scholarship Guide Magazine’ as a renowned economics tutor sharing tips on how to clinch the scholarship.
  • Featured on ‘The Straits Times’ newspapers on conducting the economics intensive revision programme that helps students spot topics by analysing past years’ trends.
  • Featured on ‘The New Paper’ newspapers for “making economics come alive”.
  • Featured on ‘Swiss National Public Radio and Television (SRF)’ on his views about the education landscape in Singapore.
  • Featured on ‘MediaCorp Channel 8’ TV programme “A Guided Path”.
  • Featured on ‘TODAY’ newspapers on how to ace A-level economics examinations.
  • Featured on ‘The Straits Times’ newspapers on his views on conducting ad-hoc tuition classes.
  • Featured on ‘Weekender’ newspapers as a “super tutor for super learning”.
  • Featured on ‘CNBC’ international TV as “a well-known face of Singapore’s booming private tuition industry and a part of an elite group of super tutors” in Singapore.
  • Featured on ‘Southeast Asia Globe’, an international magazine, as a millionaire tutor who believes in offering services that go beyond the standard.
  • Featured on the most viewed TV channel in Europe, France TV Channel TF1, on his life as a Super Tutor in Singapore.
  • Featured on ‘MediaCorp Vasantham’ TV programme ‘Unmai’ on his views about the tuition industry in Singapore.
  • Featured on ‘Lianhe Wanbao’ newspapers on his views about foreign students in Singapore.
  • Panel speaker at National Library Board’s 20th Anniversary Celebrations Discussion Forum “Out With Tuition and In With Reading”, moderated by Professor Tommy Koh, Ambassador-At-Large, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Guest speaker on “Official 938LIVE” radio segment ‘Dollars and Sense’ – “Star Economics tutor Anthony Fok helping students make sense of dollars!”
  • Guest speaker on “Official 938LIVE” radio segment ‘On the Job’ – “Super tutor Anthony Fok sharing his experience as a full-time Economics tutor”.
  • Guest speaker on “Scoring for A-level Economics” at Popular BookFest Singapore 2017 at Suntec City Exhibition Hall.
  • Guest speaker on ‘MediaCorp Channel 5’ TV Programme “The 5 Show” about tuition and enrichment classes in Singapore
  • Fellow of The College of Teachers, Institute of Education, London, for individuals who have made a significant contribution to educational literature or to educational management at a senior level.
  • Registered with the Ministry of Education (MOE), Singapore.

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