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“Mr Fok is a kind and patient tutor who does not mind going the extra mile to ensure that learning takes place. His bubbly character has helped to lighten the mood during classes and enhanced the learning for every student. I strongly recommend Mr Fok if you feel that you are weak in your economics concepts.”
Sean Ng
St. Andrew’s Junior College
“Mr Fok is a very engaging and understanding teacher. He understands how his students feel and perform. Whenever hete students are not focusing, he has his ways to wake ups up and highlight the important things that we might have missed out. This makes his lessons effective and easy to follow.”
Ya Chu
River Valley High School
“Mr Fok is really a super tutor. He answers your doubts and queries almost immediately except when he is having classes. He is able to remain both as a professional teacher for you to seek advices and a really great friend for you to seek help when you need. He goes beyond the duties of a tutor and give you all the possible materials that you might need without hesitation. All in all, he is one of the best teacher i have i met. As long as you don't give up on yourself, he doesnt. I thank you sincerely Mr Fok, for all your effort and faith in me all these while."
Cassa Ng
National Junior College
“Mr Fok is a great and inspiring teacher who helped me lift my economics grade from U to A. I definitely couldn't have done it without him and I'm really thankful for him. He explains concepts clearly and his lessons are never boring with his interesting stories. One thing I really like about him is that he really cares for his students and readily helps them whenever they need help. Thank you for your never ending support, Mr Fok ☺”
Jin Yang
St. Andrew’s Junior College
“I am exceedingly thankful to Mr Anthony Fok. In just 6 months, I was able to jump from an all time S grade for Econs to an A in the Economics A Level Exam. Mr Fok's lessons and notes are invaluable, they have provided greater clarity to me and allowed my answers to achieve a level of precision and depth like never before. Without him, I would never have my A Grade.”
Victoria Koh
National Junior College
“Mr Fok's Economics lessons are extremely interesting and engaging, as he uses real-life examples and stories to illustrate theoretical concepts such that it is very easy for anyone to understand and grasp quickly. He is also very dedicated and truly cares for his students, always replying to our messages promptly and sending us any additional resources such as notes or outlines when we need help. He also takes the time to mark all his students' essays and add his comments on how they can improve. Moreover, he is also a good friend who is always approachable and willing to help! :)”
Vanessa Gan
Raffles Institution
“Mr Fok was such an enthusiastic tutor who helped me throughout my JC journey for economics. With his effective guidance and coaching I never got below a C for any of my sch exam papers and managed to get a B for my econs alvl exam. He gives a much clearer explanation for complicated theories and concepts. He also taught us the exemplary methods and techniques of answering qns hence meeting the requirements of the Cambridge examiners' expectations. :)”
Jurong Junior College
“Mr Fok HAHAHAHA I just realised haven't thank u properly LOL sry I didn't get an A but I think considering the short amount of time I joined ur classes a B is good alr!! Thanks for making econs so interesting and I really learnt a lot from you! So thank you so much!”
Taevia Koh
Catholic Junior College
“When I first started tuition with Mr Fok, I was at a loss of what Econs was all about especially on my interest for such a dry subject with so much content. However, things changed for the better after I started attending Mr Fok’s lessons which were delivered with excellent and fluent explanations that were clear enough for beginners who know nothing to be able to grasp the knowledge passed down to us. I was then able to answer questions during school. Thank you Mr Fok for making Economics so interesting for me! You are truly an outstanding teacher worthy of praise!”
Brendon Teo
Temasek Junior College
“Thank you Mr Fok for saving me big time. He puts his heart & soul not only into teaching his students & also nurturing his students to bloom and think beyond 'A' levels. His thoughtful nagging and endless consultations spurred me on and to not let him down. Despite only scoring a B, i believe it is a great improvement from the U i achieved for my prelims. Thank you Mr Fok for believing in me and pushing me to work harder to achieve my dreams. Thank you Anthony.”
Yong Zhi
St. Andrew’s Junior College
“Mr Fok’s teaching has been impeccable- a good mix of clear teaching and interesting real-life examples. He is always concerned for us, not just grade-wise, but also our entire well-being, always encouraging us and giving us advice when we need them most. Despite it being his main income, he is also generous especially when students are unable to afford the expensive tuition fees. A dedicated tutor, he is willing to go the extra mile to answer our pressing doubts in the oddest of hours and email us extra notes to make sure we have all the resources that we need. His dedication to me as a tutor eventually helped me to jump by 4 grades in A levels. To me, Mr Fok is not just a tutor of Economics, but a tutor of life, as he often highlights to us: Life isn’t all about grades. Thank you Mr Fok for the past 2 years, you’ve been a real blessing.”
Jessica Ho
Anglo Chinese Junior College
“I came to Mr Fok in a very dire state, 2 months to A levels, having scored an S for economics for my preliminary examinations. Mr Fok took me in even though his class was already very packed, with no guarantee that his effort would be able to turn my grades around. But through his guidance, I felt myself improving with each lesson. Most importantly, Mr Fok believed that I could do well, and that in turn made me believe in my own ability. In the end, I am proud to say that with Mr Fok's help, I have successfully achieved an A for economics at the A level examinations and an overall of AAB/AA. Last but not least, Mr Fok always stressed the importance of not only being a good student but also a good person, very often including stories in his lessons which had a valuable life lesson for all his students. So for that, I am grateful. Thank you Mr Fok.”
Victoria Junior College
“I started attending Mr Fok's classes in August 2015, just after I received my results for BT2. Before attending his lessons, my Econ's grade was constantly hovering between S and U and I scored an S for my BT2. Throughout the next four months before the A levels, Mr Fok taught me how to understand the concepts in Econs and had advised us thoroughly on how to handle tricky questions. With the constant guidance from Mr Fok, I managed to secure an A grade for Econs during my A levels exam. Mr Fok has indeed helped me extensively within that short period of four months and he is a tutor that I would definitely recommend to my juniors!”
Nicholas Leong
St. Andrew’s Junior College
“Mr Fok's lessons, although we're really early in the morning, were also very engaging and entertaining at times. He was able to break down seemingly complicated Economic concepts into comprehensive and digestible lessons. He's taught us more than just Econs with his occasional life stories which we can apply to our daily lives. The resources available were abundant and of high quality as well. Thank you for your guidance.”
Rebecca Goh
Tampines Junior College
“Mr Fok is a patient teacher who never fails to clarify the doubts of his students. He is also dedicated in ensuring that essays submitted are marked with comments given which have benefited his students to a large extent.”
Tampines Junior College
“Mr Fok is a very observant teacher who can take care of each individual student in the room. He go an extra mile to explain the difficult part multiple times to familiarise ourselves with the concept .”
Jurong Junior College