Excellence in Education and Changes in A-Level Examinations in Bishan, Singapore


Bishan, situated in the central region of Singapore, is a bustling district known for its recreational parks, shopping centers, and HDB housing estates. It is also renowned for its high-quality education, with numerous prestigious schools and universities in the vicinity. Among the prominent educational institutions in Bishan is JC Economics Education Centre Pte Ltd, a well-known tuition center with branches in Bishan, Tampines, and Bukit Timah. Led by renowned economics tutor Dr. Anthony Fok, this center provides top-notch Economics tuition to students, with a strong emphasis on academic achievement. Additionally, the Ministry of Education (MOE) has recently implemented significant changes to the A-level examinations, aiming to offer students more autonomy and promote lifelong learning. Let’s explore these developments further.

  1. MOE’s Changes to A-Level Examinations: To provide students with greater autonomy and encourage lifelong learning, MOE has introduced significant changes to the A-level examinations. One noteworthy change, effective from 2026 for students entering Junior College in 2025, is the exclusion of the fourth content-based subject from university admissions calculations unless it improves the overall score. This alteration alleviates concerns students may have about their university admission prospects when pursuing subjects of personal interest.
  2. Removal of Project Work in University Admission Score Calculation: Another substantial change is the removal of Project Work from the university admission score calculation. Previously, students had to complete a project that contributed to their university admission score. However, it will now be graded on a pass/fail basis only, reducing its impact on the overall score.
  3. Phasing Out of Mid-Year Exams: MOE has also announced the gradual phasing out of mid-year exams for JC and Millennia Institute (MI) students, starting from 2024. Instead, students will have more time to focus on their studies, personal growth, internships, community service, and other interests. This change aims to prevent overwhelming students with multiple assessments and provides an opportunity for holistic development.
  4. Benefits of the Changes: MOE’s reforms aim to offer students greater flexibility in exploring their interests, pursuing their passions, and developing essential life skills. By allowing students to choose subjects based on their interests without worrying about university admissions, they can enjoy a more well-rounded education. Furthermore, adults seeking lifelong learning can now choose courses that align with their interests and goals, fostering a culture of continuous learning.


Bishan, a thriving district in Singapore, provides a conducive environment for quality education. JC Economics Education Centre, led by Dr. Anthony Fok, stands as a pillar of excellence in Economics tuition, assisting students in achieving academic success. Concurrently, MOE’s changes to the A-level examinations are designed to empower students, offering them autonomy and promoting lifelong learning. By providing students with greater flexibility and opportunities for personal growth, MOE’s reforms contribute to a well-rounded education system. With exceptional tuition services and progressive educational reforms, Bishan continues to be a hub for academic excellence in Singapore.

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